Product type: ICGK-H8
Nominal thermal load: 8 KW
Heating surface (sideways V = 3 m)
P useful: 10,90m2
P absolute: 53m2
Heating surface (ceiling V = 4 m)
P useful: 17,5m2
P absolute: 52,15m2
Electric connection: 220 – 250 V 50 Hz
Gas connection: 1/2″
Gas type METHANE:
Operating pressure: 20 mbar
Nozzle size: 1,8 mm
Gas consumption: 0,80 m3/h
Gas type P/B:
Operating pressure: 30 mbar
Nozzle size: 1,2 mm
Gas consumption: 0,7 kg/h
Dimensions: 750 mm x 280 mm x 210 mm
Weight: 10 kg

Gas infrared heaters with a specific way of heat emission. These heaters warm up the building, object, space or zone we mean to heat directly. Because of intensified infrared radiation, it’s necessary to set the heaters in an appropriate distance so there is no overheating. ICG heaters are specific in the way they have no smoke gas exhaust (flue), it is therefore necessary to discharge the gases that form during combustion in a natural or artificial (ventilation) way from the heated (closed) building. Because of the already mentioned specific way of heat emission and small transmissional losses, these heaters are available for usage not only in halls and auditoriums of greater height, but also in open spaces like terraces or any other exterior spaces.

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