The Plinotehnika Čakovec Ltd. company was established in 1975. Its primary activity was connected to gas appliances and boiler room design and construction. Up until the present day, over a hundred boiler rooms were made in the power range of 30 to 1.000.000 kW.

In mid-1977 the prototype of the gas infrared farm type FAO 5 (5.8 kW) heater was made and entered serial production a year later; several other types of heaters for different purposes were also developed (poultry farming, livestock farming, pig farming). Within this period production of atmospheric gas burners of different power and dimensions (gas fireplaces, wicker drying, ornamental torches) in accordance with customer requirements was started.

Between 1978 and 1988 Plinotehnika produced over 10.000 heaters based on infrared radiation and started production of infrared ceramic heaters. Simultaneously, in the ex-state of Yugoslavia LPG/LNP gas usage started to increase, so mostly gas containers with the related equipment for pressure regulation and safe usage of LPG gas were built into dislocated objects like farms, greenhouses, sports and industrial halls.

Greater needs of buildings to build in gas evaporators (electric and hot-water) caused the start of high-quality electric dry aluminium – core gas evaporators production, with a capacity of 12 and 24 kg/h and factory commercial markings SPI 12 and SPI 24. Production of the hot-air heater TAJFUN (“Typhoon”) started in 1985. In a ten year interval, it developed into additional models which is why presently Plinotehnika produces 5 models of different power and purpose (poultry farming, construction, general industry).

Since 1988 a gas infradark heater (IG), which is used to heat spaces of greater height (production halls, car – showrooms, sports halls, garages, vehicle technical inspection stations, greenhouses, farms) is developed and produced. Up until the present day, usage of infradark heaters is widely applicable and therefore often utilized by designers and investors.

A market research study in 2005 highlighted a need of gas fan – coils production (TERMOGAS) for lower and thermically isolated spaces’ heating. A production of three types (i. e. sizes: HOBY, GASTRO, GASTRO PROFY) of gas barbecues which may be adjusted for specific individual orders was also started.

In mid-2007 the company fulfilled the international ISO 9001:2000 standard and got a renowned TÜV Süd (Germany) certificate. In the same year Plinotehnika’s assortment included gas facade furnaces (ESKABE) of a top quality design which the company imports from Argentina, and which are intended for heating spaces used for human residence (private or business purposes). The furnaces imploy a thermostatic regulation and exhibit a great savings rate.

There are currently 20 professionals employed at Plinotehnika Ltd. Čakovec. It has its own development and service network and develops modern gas equipment and appliances on a daily basis, in accordance with European and world trends. Its strenght lies in educated professionals who form a unique single team.


Kranjčevićeva 2 | Čakovec | Croatia


Zagrebačka 55 | Čakovec | Croatia

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