Gas infradark heaters – single-pipe

A gas – powered infradark heater (“IG”) has all the advantages of infrared heating by heat emission, and none of the flaws that characterize infrared heating (too high a radiation intensity) or hot-air heating (huge energy losses, dust raising, operating costs). Infra – heating is the most efficient system of large spaces heating, and makes possible to heat only a part of the hall, i.e. parts of space where people reside or heat is needed for whatever reason. It is a system which quickly achieves the operating temperature and is therefore turned on immediately before the start, e.g. beginning of the shift, and needs no time-setting and preheating of the space in question, or maintenance of a minimum temperature during non-working hours.

IG 45/1

Single-pipe infradark heater

IG 38/1

Single-pipe infradark heater

IG 20/1

Single-pipe infradark heater

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