Product type: Termogas 30
Nominal thermal load: 30 KW
Air flow: 4800 m3/h
Output air temperature: 50-65 C
Electric power: 550W
Electric connection: 220-250V 50Hz
Safety fuse: 5A
Gas connection: 1/2″
Fresh air entry: 100 mm
Breeching (gas exhaust): 100 mm
Gas type METHANE:
Operating pressure: 20 mbar
Nozzle size: 3,5 mm
Gas consumption: 3,4 m3/h
Gas type P/B:
Operating pressure: 30 mbar
Nozzle size: 2,2 mm
Gas consumption: 3,1 kg/h
Dimensions: 1120 mm x 510 mm x 800 mm
Weight: 55 kg

No heating system is going to heat a space (lower in height and thermically isolated rooms) as quickly as the gas convection heating system – type THERMOGAS. THERMOGAS may be used and connected to any type of gas momentarily, with facade or ceiling gas flue. The work of THERMOGAS is specified using an operating automatic system, which secures an entirely safe automatic running of THERMOGAS with a thermostatic regulation, while ventilators take are of hot-air transport.

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