Product type: IG-45
Nominal thermal load: 35-50 KW
Electric connection: 220-250V 50Hz
Gas connection: 1/2″
Fresh air entry: 100 mm
Breeching (gas exhaust): 100 mm
Gas type METHANE:
Operating pressure: 20 mbar
Nozzle size: 6,5 mm
Gas consumption: 3,5-4,5 m3/h
Gas type P/B:
Operating pressure: 30 mbar
Nozzle size: 3,5 mm
Gas consumption: 3,2-4,2 kg/h
Dimensions: 12420(12000) mm x 485 mm x 200 mm
Weight: 191 kg

Gas infradark “IG” heater has all the advantages of infrared heating by heat emission and has no flaw characterizing infrared heating (too high radiation intensity) or hot-air heating (huge energy loss, dust raising, operating expenses). You may send a quick inquiry of this product via form listed below.

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