Product type: TPI 200
Power: 200 kg/h
Hot water content: 43 litara
LPG in: 1/2″
LPG out: 1″
Water in: 1″
Water out: 1″
Equipment included:
Manometer fi 60, 25 bar
Thermometer -20 +120 °C
Safety valve ½”, 18 bar (za plin)
Safety valve 1.5 bar (za vodu)
Air vent
Flange inlet valve ½” PN 40
Fluid passage prevention valve
Dimensions: 1330 mm x 471 mm x 300 mm
Weight: 100 kg

The TNP (LPG) gas evaporator is used for the evaporation of the liquid phase of gas into the gaseous state. It is built into powerplants with difficult exploitation conditions, like an increased consumption or low environmental temperature. It’s produced in several nominal capacities’ versions, and grouped into hot-water and dry electric evaporators. The dry electric evaporator is equipped in electrial and mechanical devices that allow it automatical non-stop and reliable labour. The maximum operating pressure is 16.7 bars to which the safety valve is attuned. The heating medium is an aluminium alloy heated by an electroheater, whose operating temperature (which is 70 – 90 °C) is automatically regulated by A2 thermostat.

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